DSLA Metaverse Phase II

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DSLA Metaverse Phase II

Learn-to-Earn Progression System 🛡️

Grab your Astromancer! Phase II of the DSLA Metaverse includes the finalization and minting of the collectibles that will enable Astromancer avatars to progress through the learn-to-earn aspect of DSLA’s metaverse.

Let’s look at how the Skills, Familiars and Biomes that make up the DSLA Metaverse work together.

Skills Collectibles 🪙

Skills are the fuel that drive the DSLA Metaverse and future DSLA Governance. Each DSLA Skill collectible is a soulbound (non-transferrable) credential that proves engagement and expertise using DSLA. Completing certain actions, verifiable on-chain, using DSLA Protocol will entitle users to harvest Skills collectibles.

Skills Utility Infographic DSLA Metaverse Skill Utility Infographic

These Skill Collectibles are the basis for DSLA’s novel credential-based governance, with each Skill being counted as one governance vote. Since Skill Collectibles are soulbound and earned through actually using DSLA, this means that those using DSLA Protocol more will have a matching say through votes in governance matters.

Skill Collectibles are also used in the DSLA Metaverse to summon and upgrade Familiars, which provide additional benefits on staking and governance.

In DSLA v2.0 there are three distinct Personas, or types of users; these Personas are:

  • SLA Users who are using DSLA to hedge downside risk
  • SLA Owners who create SLA contracts for users and LP’s to sign onto
  • SLA Liquidity Providers (LP) who provide liquidity to back SLA contracts

There are two Skill Collectibles associated with each Persona. When users complete specific actions, they will be entitled to claim the corresponding Skill Collectible.

The element attribute of a Skill Collectible is determined by which Biome the SLA falls under. For instance, all NFT Floor Price Skills Collectibles would be of the Earth element, since the NFT Floor use case falls under the Quicksand Dips Biome (Volatility of Digital Asset Floors).

DSLA Persona Collectible Corresponding Action Sample
SLA User Soothsayer’s Pen Purchase Service Credits from an SLA Soothsayer's Pen
SLA User Divine Shield Claim compensation from an SLA Divine Shield
SLA Owner Astral Blade Create a new SLA Astral Blade
SLA Owner Glass of Omens Service Credits issued and verification completed on owned SLA Glass of Omens
SLA LP Pool of Commitment Mint LP Service Credits from an SLA Pool of Commitment
SLA LP Vault of Prophecy Claim a Service Fee reward from an SLA Vault of Prophecy

A user may only claim each type of skill collectible a maximum of once per SLA interacted with. For instance, depositing to the same SLA multiple times will only entitle a user to one Soothsayer’s Pen Skill Collectible.

Check out the DSLA Skills collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/dsla-skills.

Familiars 🐆

Familiars help your Astromancer battle risk through the DSLA Metaverse.

Familiar Utility Infographic DSLA Metaverse Familiar Utility Infographic

As Astromancers use DSLA and progress in their journey battling risk they will be able to claim more Skill Collectibles. With Skill Collectibles, Astromancers can summon and upgrade Familiars to receive more potent benefits. Each Skill Collectible may be used once towards the summoning or upgrading of a Familiar. Familiar’s each have three levels:

  • Familiar I - Beginner
  • Familiar II - Intermediate
  • Familiar III - Advanced

Users who earn their way to a Familiar III will automatically be entitled to the corresponding Biome NFT, which is required to unlock rewards from that biome!

Mongoose III The Mongoose III is the strongest familiar for the Quicksand Dips biome

Take a look at the DSLA Familiars collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/dsla-familiars.

Astromancers 🧘

Astromancers are your Avatar in the DSLA Metaverse, and they work together with Familiars to provide various benefits.

Anatomy of an Astromancer

For a refresher on Astromancers, check out the Astromancers introductory post here.

Biomes 🌎

Staking a Biome will entitle the staker to rewards from that Biome. As we covered in the Metaverse Prologue blog post, each Biome represents a specific type of use case or risk that DSLA can be used to hedge against.

Biome Utility Infographic DSLA Metaverse Biome Utility Infographic

Earning a Familiar III for any biome will entitle the holder to claim that corresponding Biome NFT (dependent on supply!), thus unlocking rewards from that biome. Note there will be other opportunities for users to earn Biomes in the future as well!

Art by @abidaker 🎨

All artwork for the DSLA Skills, Familiars, Astromancers and Biomes has been hand-drawn by the very talented @abidaker.

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