Introducing the DSLA Astromancers

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Introducing the DSLA Astromancers

Enter the Metaverse 🔮

The DSLA Astromancers is collection of 10,000 Astromancer Avatar collectibles which act as your key to the DSLA Metaverse experience.

Astromancer NFTs will grant users access to summoning and staking in the DSLA Metaverse, as well as governance participation with DSLA’s novel new credential-based governance model. The Astromancers will also provide other utility and benefits for holders based on their attributes.

Unlike many NFT projects, this is not a PFP with just a roadmap. The Astromancer NFT is a PFP that expands upon a fully functional and developed protocol, with several novel use cases releasing imminently. The Astromancer will be the key to future governance rights and staking for Biome rewards.

Attributes ✅

Let’s look at the various attributes an Astromancer can have and how those attributes affect its utility.

Anatomy of an Astromancer

Familiars 🐆

Familiars help your Astromancer battle risk through the DSLA Metaverse. Each familiar is suited to its home Biome’s elemental enviroment and adept at battling the risk Adversary they will encounter there.

Familiars entitle holders to multipliers on Biome staking rewards and governance voting rights.

Complete skill-proving tasks using DSLA such as creating a new SLA, claiming a reward or compensation or depositing a premium to earn Skill NFTs. Each Skill NFT has a charge that may be used to summon or upgrade Knowledge NFTs like Familiars.

Skill NFTs also form the basis of governance voting for the DSLA Metaverse, where one Skill NFT will equal one governance vote. Familiars earned, in combination with the right Astromancer, will provide multipliers on a holders Skill NFT governance votes.

Strong and Weak Element 💪

The Astromancers are an elemental being, strong in the primary element that they are formed of and weak to the natural opposing element.

Enjoy a modifier that increases Biome staking rewards for the Biome associated with your Astromancer’s strong element.

On the flip side, Biome staking rewards will be reduced for the Biome matching the element where your Astromancer is weak.

Biomes 🌎

Staking a Biome will entitle the staker to rewards from that Biome. As we covered in the Metaverse Prologue blog post, each Biome represents a specific type of use case or risk that DSLA can be used to hedge against.

Users will only be able to stake a Biome if they have an Astromancer with that biome in its orbit. For instance, the Astromancer above in the Anatomy of an Astromancer infographic could stake the Fire (Wildfire Fields), Water (Uptime Falls), Earth (Quicksand Dips), Air (Volatility Creeks) and Dark (Moongate Abyss) biomes. With that Astromancer you would not be able to stake the Light (Fibre Peaks).

Users will be able to earn biomes by being in the Top 10 of our the monthly leaderboard, by winning specific challenges or by completing specific tasks like summoning a Familiar III.

Moon Phases 🌔🌓🌕🌗🌖

Astromancers can have up to six Moon Phases, which will be used to provide Parametric Staking buffs and debuffs in the DSLA Metaverse during the corresponding real-world moon phases.

Σ, The Sum of All Elements 🧘‍♂️

The Σ Astromancer is rare and powerful, comprising less than 2% of the collection. Σ Astromancers are strong in all elements, weak in none, so they receive a Strong Element bonus for all staked Biomes and no Weak Element penalty.

Σ Astromancers have all Biomes in their orbit, meaning holders of a Σ Astromancer are guaranteed to be able to stake all Biomes to earn staking rewards.

Sample Σ Astromancer

Minting 🪙

DSLA Astromancers are minting on November 17, 2022.

Mint Site:

Mint Fee: Free Mint

Join the Gleam competition for a chance to get on the DSLA Astromancers whitelist and a chance to win one of 25 Astromancers we’re giving away!

Royalty Fees and the DSLA Economy ♻️

Royalties on any secondary sales of the Astromancers will be divided and distributed between the following:

  • Buying back DSLA for deposit to the Parametric Staking Pool
  • A pool for the Artist(s)
  • DSLA DAO Treasury
  • Stacktical Core Team

Within the DSLA Metaverse, Skill and Knowledge NFTs will be minted using DSLA as the official minting currency. A portion of Metaverse mint fees will also be used to expand the Parametric Staking pool.

Art by @abidaker 🖼️

Lastly, all of the artwork for the DSLA Astromancers, along with the biomes, familiars, skills and The Academy was done by the incredibly talented @abidaker.


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