BonzAI by DSLA — AI that you own, forever.

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BonzAI by DSLA — AI that you own, forever.

Meet BonzAI, the new product of the DSLA family

On top of the architectural, participation requirements and tokenomics changes highlighted in our previous article, DSLA v3.0 represents a major shift in how we approach Risk Management using Artificial Intelligence.

In order to deliver Insurance as Code, DSLA v3.0 plans to go beyond and above traditional user experiences, and rely on AI prompts and intents to develop, issue, sign and enforce service level agreements.

From a technological standpoint, this means DSLA v3.0 needs a component that allows us to train, execute and distribute our own AI models.

Instead of burrying this technology in the existing and upcoming architecture of DSLA, we decided to unbundle it into a standalone protocol, that will help developers achieve the same goal of orchestrating the deployment of their own Artificial Intelligence stack.

Our team is proud to introduce BonzAI, a tool that enables the one-click deployment of your #AI models to your computer, self-hosted infrastructure and Bittensor $TAO subnet!

BonzAI is in the pure tradition of the products built at Stacktical, and a meaningful addition to our offering, with its own potential as a standalone protocol. It’s also an excellent mean to do right by our community, that supported our efforts for the past 5+ years.

Welcome to the future of decentralized, privacy-preserving Artificial Intelligence that you own, forever.


The pilars of the BonzAI DePIN protocol

Supported by the BONZAI utility token, BonzAI is a DePin protocol that allows anyone to deploy their own AI for their personal and professional needs.

In practice, this means you will achieve:

  • 1-click local deployment of open source AI models to your own computer

e.g. Your own ChatGPT experience, trained to your liking, with full respect of your privacy and data ownership

  • 1-click remote deployment of open source AI models to remote, self-hosted environments

e.g. The backend of your AI startup, at a fraction of the cost of third-party AI API services such as OpenAI

  • 1-click blockchain deployment to Bittensor Subnet and of all its requirements

e.g. The backend of your blockchain AI protocol and the easiest way to join Bittensor

BONZAI airdrop to DSLA utility tokens supporters

Hello, world BONZAI !

The BONZAI utility token has been successfully deployed to:

1/ The @ethereum network at…

2/ The @arbitrum network at…

Tokenomics & Allocations

BONZAI has a total supply of 21M, a current circulating supply of 14M, and plans on reaching at least 80% circulation within the next two months.

The allocation stands as follow:

  • Community Airdrop: 23% of the total supply (4.83M BONZAI)

  • Decentralized Exchanges: 33% of the total supply (7M BONZAI)

  • Foundation: 10% of the total supply (2.1M BONZAI)

  • Investors & Team: 33% of the total supply (7M BONZAI)

Following this initial allocation, the FDV (Fully Diluted Value) of BONZAI starts at roughly 1.2M USD, with a current price of 0.000025 ETH per BONZAI (0,085 USD, at the time of writing).

Airdrop Information

DSLA utility tokens holders will receive BONZAI proportionnally to their DSLA utility tokens holdings, across all supported blockchain networks and DSLA utility tokens v2.0 Parametric Staking pools.

The goal of the airdrop is to seed the BonzAI protocol in a way that benefits DSLA utility tokens holders, and support the existing volume of DSLA utility tokens on KuCoin with organic volume generated by airdrop participants.

BONZAI is a perfect opportunity for DSLA and its community to demonstrate their resilience, and the renewed potential of our Risk Management vision powered by BonzAI’s Artificial Intelligence deployments.

Supported Wallets

All Ethereum compatible wallets will work (Metamask, Trust and the likes).

Airdrop Snapshot

🗓 March 30 2024, everywhere except exchanges

💡 Don’t worry! Even if we can’t snapshot on exchanges, yu have until the end of the month to accumulate DSLA utility tokens on KuCoin at, support our volume over there, and transfer your DSLA to a cryptocurrency wallet when you are ready.

Airdrop Requirements

  • You must hold both DSLA utility tokens and BONZAI in a cryptocurrency wallet (not an exchange) by March 30 2024, to be eligible for the airdrop;
  • There is no amount requirement for how many DSLA utility tokens or BONZAI utility tokens you hold in your wallet.

💡 Don’t worry! You can hold DSLA and BONZAI in different blockchain networks, as long as you are using the same wallet address.

Airdrop Distribution

🗓 May 15 2024, on the Ethereum network

The BONZAI Uniswap Pool is live on Arbitrum

33% of the supply has been added as liquidity to a Uniswap V3 pool on Arbitrum, to support its growth to at least 2.5B market capitalization.

After selecting the Arbitrum network in your cryptocurrency wallet, you can swap BONZAI using

What’s next?

  • A dedicated BonzAI section will be added to the website, with more details about the project.
  • The DSLA white paper will be updated with BonzAI information
  • The DSLA v3.0 and BonzAI roadmap will be shared
  • The 1st version of DSLA v3.0 and BonzAI are scheduled for end March, around snapshot time.

It’s definitely time to make things happen again. We appreciate your support.

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