The Travel Narrative

Wilhem Pujar
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The Travel Narrative


Today, DSLA core contributors are proud to introduce a new Consumer Protection instrument, that aims at offsetting bad travel experiences using cryptoeconomics: Travel Service Level Agreements or Travel SLAs.

In order to bridge the gap between Travellers Rights and Third-Party Travel Risks, Travel SLAs work like candy machines for distributing xMILES, a synthetic digital asset indexed on Third-Party Travel Analytics.

xMILES derive their value from the periodic snapshot of travel analytics, as orchestrated by the Travel SLA candy machine.

Over the course of the year, DSLA core contributors will enable support for three metrics:

  • Weather Conditions
  • Delays & Cancellations
  • Baggage Handling

Community-driven focus groups and improvement proposals will further extend the capabitilies of xMILES, so that more bad travel experiences can be mitigated. This is made possible by DSLA Protocol’s competitive moat.

Competitive Moat & Transformative Power

PePe in Summer

DSLA Protocol is a Peer-to-Peer Risk Management Infrastructure that has the ability to bring entirely new Consumer Protection instruments to market in 2 days, a dramatically faster Time to Market compared to historical Travel Industry stakeholders:

Stakeholder Time to Market Trust Setup
Government 5-10 years Centralized
Insurance Companies 2-5 years Centralized
Private Companies 2-5 years Centralized
DSLA Protocol 2 days Minimised or Decentralized

Minting xMILES through Travel SLAs will effectively entitle you to a warranty that your holidays will meet agreed-upon travel quality standards.

DSLA Summer: Key Dates

How about a launch festival for Travel SLAs?

PePe in Summer

πŸ—“ MAY 17

DSLA Protocol v2.0 adds support for experimental Sunny Travel SLA Guarantees to :

  • Ethereum
  • Arbitrum


πŸ—“ MAY 19

Public stress test of the first Sunny Travel SLA Guarantee :

  • (?) ERC-20 issuance on Arbitrum
  • SLA issuance on Arbitrum

On Arbitrum onlyβ€”secret ERC-20 to be unveiled at a later date.

πŸ—“ MAY 23

xMILES Community Focus Group registration.

The transformative power of Travel SLAs require our community to come together in order to achieve sound design.

πŸ—“ MAY 26

Video Deep Dive with Wilhem, DSLA Protocol Core Contributor.

πŸ—“ JUN 2

DSLA Protocol v2.0 adds support for experimental On-Time Travel SLA Guarantees.


πŸ—“ JUN 7

Issuance and public stress test of the first On-Time Travel SLA Guarantee:

  • For Flights
  • For Trains

πŸ—“ JUN 14

Bagage Handling, IoT & Geospatial Oracle Providers: a Community Discussion

πŸ—“ JUN 21

Official start of the Summer!

Availability of the Travel SLA case study, and first results of our xMILES Community Focus Group workshops.

Roadmap update in progress.

PePe in Summer

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Wilhem Pujar

Wilhem Pujar

Core Developer at DSLA Protocol