Beta Outro Part 2: Conclusion

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This is the 2nd post of a two-part Beta Outro series, signaling the end of the DSLA Incentivized Beta. Read the 1st post here. Dear DSLA champions, now that the DSLA incentivized beta has ended, the beta Ðapp, running on the Ropsten test network...

Stacktical integrates Chainlink to bring battle-tested Oracles to the DSLA Protocol Mainnet

DSLA x Chainlink

Dear community, Stacktical, the core development team of the DSLA Protocol, is proud to announce that we have integrated Chainlink to bring its widely used decentralized Price Feeds and staking analytics data to the DSLA Protocol mainnet and its flagship Ðapp, DSLA Protocol provides...

Beta Outro Part 1: Phase I-V

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This is the 1st post of a two-part Beta Outro series, signaling the end of the DSLA Incentivized Beta. The 2nd and final part of this series will be posted on December 4th, 2020. Dear DSLA champions, all Phases of the DSLA incentivized beta have...

2 Billion DSLA Token Burn Event

Disco Inferno

On November 30, 11:11 CET, Stacktical, the core development team of DSLA Protocol, will proceed with a 2,000,000,000.00 (2 Billion) DSLA token burn as part of its Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Mitigation Plan, and to further pave the way to the DSLA Protocol and

Hardening DSLA against CEX Programmatic Sell-Offs

Not your Private Keys, Not your DSLA Tokens

The purpose of this Suspicion Activity Report (SAR) is to disclose the existence of transactions that do not make sense to our team, as well as introduce an emergency plan to mitigate their impact on the DSLA Token, and the rest of the DSLA family...

Phase 5 is Here

⚡️ Codename AMP

Dear DSLA champions, on November 11 12:00am (UTC), we have entered Phase V of the DSLA incentivized beta, Codename AMP. ⚡️ All DSLA Contracts started a new weekly monitoring cycle. Phase IV staking compensations / rewards can be proven. Phase IV staking compensations / rewards...