Team Stacktical
Team Stacktical
The team behind Stacktical and the DSLA token.

The DSLA Token has been added to Argent

The DSLA Token has been added to Argent

The best DeFi wallet

Dear community, when it comes to securely storing your DSLA outside of cryptocurrency exchanges, there are plenty of cryptocurrency wallet you could chose from, provided they are ERC-20 compatible.

But if you are not confident in your ability to manage the private key to your funds yourself, Argent is one of the simplest and most secure cryptocurrency wallets ever created. “No seed phrase, no sweat.” as they say on their official website.

Available for both iPhone and Android devices, Argent is also one of the most beautifully designed applications in the entire blockchain industry. Imagine our surprise when we learned from their team that the DSLA token had been added to such as refined wallet!

DSLA on Argent

Class act.

About DSLA Token

DSLA Protocol transfers DSLA Tokens between service providers, the people that vouch for them, and service customers, according to good and bad service levels. It’s also the access key to the DSLA Network DApp.

For more information about DSLA Protocol, go to

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