Announcing our Validation Launchpad for Avalanche Subnets

DSLA Core Team
Written by DSLA Core Team
Announcing our Validation Launchpad for Avalanche Subnets

⚙️ Incentivised Testnet as a Service

Dear members of the DSLA community, we are excited to announce that a Validation Launchpad for Avalanche Subnets will join the DSLA family of products in 2022! 🎉

Avalanche is a network of networks. It allows you to create your own blockchain network, known as a subnet. But for a subnet to be secure, its transactions must be verified by as many Avalanche validators as possible.

✓ DSLA Protocol fixes that.

The launchpad will enable Avalanche subnet operators to bootstrap the security of their subnet, and incentivise Avalanche validators using performance bounties—a new abstraction and use case of DSLA Protocol’s Decentralized Service Level Agreements.

In practice, this means an increase in Staking APR for subnet validators that hit pre-agreed performance and validation targets, and peace of mind for subnet operators.

🗓 Stay tuned for upcoming events

2022 will mark the consolidation of the value proposition of SLAs for the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Metaverse Finance (MetaFi) sectors, as well as our first notable foray into real world, third-party risk management use cases.

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