It's BUIDL Time at #DubaiDeFi

DSLA Core Team
Written by DSLA Core Team
It's BUIDL Time at #DubaiDeFi

⌨️ Developers, Developers, Developers

Are you ready?

We are thrilled to announce that the DSLA Protocol and Mimo core development teams are co-organizing Dubai DeFi, the biggest hackathon in the Arabian Peninsula!

Over 300,000.00 USD in prizes will be awarded to developers building the best products around DSLA Protocol, Mimo, as well as other #DubaiDeFi sponsors Harmony, Fantom, Balancer, SwissBorg and more!

And guess what…

🏁 The competition starts… now !

You can already submit your repository anytime from now through November 27, 2021 to [email protected], to participate to the hackathon.

Sponsors will be hosting live sessions on Twitch starting November 12th to provide technical details about their platforms and assist participants.

💡 Make sure to check out all #DubaiDeFi information at

🍀 Sponsors Prize Pools

Each sponsor will choose their own winner(s) and how to distribute their respective prize pools. Here is the current level of commitment from participating #DubaiDeFi sponsors:

  • $150K in $MIMO
  • $100K in $DSLA
  • $50K in $ONE
  • $25K in $FTM
  • $10K in $CHSB

👩‍💻 Development Ideas

You are free to build the product of you choice, and we can’t wait to see how far your imagination goes with so many interesting tools at your disposal.

The DSLA core development team encourages #DubaiDeFi participants to use the DSLA Developer Toolkit (DTK) to improve DSLA Protocol with new types of service-level agreements in the following categories:

APR/APY SLA Hedge against diminishing staking returns and yields
Uptime SLA Hedge against application, network and service downtimes
Response Time SLA Hedge against slow application, network and service
Withdrawal Time SLA Hedge against third party custodian lock-up
Impermanent Loss SLA Hedge against negative market making returns
Peg SLA Hedge against stablecoin and synthetic assets losing their peg

You are welcome to combine any number of sponsors in your developments:

Mimo PAR Peg SLA hedge against PAR losing its peg against EUR
Harmony WBTC Peg SLA hedge against WBTC losing its peg against BTC
Fantom TOMB Peg SLA hedge against TOMB losing its peg against FTM
Balancer Impermanent Loss SLA Hedge against negative market making returns

📔 Getting Started with DSLA Protocol

A quick way to start interacting with the protocol is to deploy it locally.

This requires:

  1. Having a development blockchain running.
  2. Having an IPFS node running.
  3. Having a development External Adapter running.
  4. Deploy the contracts to the local blockchain.
  5. Having, at least, 1 Chainlink Node running.
  6. Configure the Chainlink Node with the proper jobs and bridges.

Read the next steps on Developer Guide.

🎧 Stay tuned for more

🏆 The winners and prizes will be announced live from Mimo’s offices in Dubai, on November 27, 2021!

Make sure to follow @stacktical on Twitter for official announcements, and join our shiny new Discord server for developer talks.

Best of luck to all participants!

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Protocol is a turnkey, peer-to-peer risk management infrastructure for developers and their communities, that empowers anyone to manage their exposure to the performance failures of application, network and service, using peer-to-peer service level agreements.

DSLA Protocol’s flagship use case is to optimize your staking rewards, by enabling you to hedge against the bad performance of your staking services.

To learn more about DSLA Protocol and the future of third party risk management (TPRM), please visit, browse our blog, and follow @stacktical on Twitter.

DSLA Core Team

DSLA Core Team

The team behind DSLA Protocol, and the DSLA family of products.