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DSLA Core Team
The team behind DSLA Protocol, and the DSLA family of products.

Hello, Tezos World! XTZ Baking Agreements are coming to DSLA Protocol

Hello, Tezos World! XTZ Baking Agreements are coming to DSLA Protocol

Use DSLA to hedge against XTZ baking insfrastructure risks

DSLA Protocol enables anyone to add a service level agreement on top of any third-party service, to reduce customers exposure to infrastructure risks and incentivise the connectivity, performance and availability of networks and applications.

We are proud to announce that we are collaborating with Nomadic Labs, Tezos core developers, to add $XTZ Baking Agreements to the DSLA.network flagship application.

If you do not want to operate your own Tezos node to earn baking rewards, you can outsource this task to a third-party baking and validation service. But while delegating your XTZ tokens is easier than validating Tezos blocks yourself, it exposes you to the potential bad behaviour, as well as the connectivity, performance and availability failures of your baker.

This might lead you to miss out baking rewards because of downtimes, and losing a fraction of your baking deposit because of slashing penalties. That’s where DSLA and $XTZ Baking Agreements come in.

XTZ Baking Efficiency Agreements

Upon its mainnet launch in Q1 this year, DSLA Protocol will enable anyone to effortlessly hedge against baking risks, and passively earn rewards for protecting baking deposits.

Tezos has been at the forefront of the staking movement that has radically transformed the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries in the past two years, and a major source of inspiration for the Stacktical team. It is also one of the few blockchain networks to attract large corporate partners such as the Société Générale bank (145K employees, €25B+ revenue) and Électricité de France EDF (150K employees, €68B+ revenue), France’s national energy provider.

Our team is excited to improve the baking experience of the Tezos community, and further drive baking adoption among SLA-savvy, Fortune 500 level corporations, thanks to DSLA Protocol and the DSLA family of products.

We are grateful for the technical support provided by Nomadic Labs to achieve our integration goals and more this year.

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Token, now on Argent wallet

As users outsource increasingly more functions of their lives and businesses to third-party service providers, they need better ways to manage their exposure to third-party infrastructure risk. Especially when money is at stake.

DSLA Protocol is a risk management framework that gives anyone the ability to create, monitor and execute decentralized service level agreements and parametric insurance policies.

When the monitored performance of a service is within the thresholds of an agreement, third-party service providers and liquidity providers earn the right to claim a reward from the agreement liquidity pool. Conversely, when an agreement is violated, customers earn the right to claim a compensation.


To learn more about DSLA Protocol, please visit stacktical.com, browse our official blog, and follow @stacktical on Twitter.

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