Wilhem Pujar
Wilhem Pujar
Co-founder and CEO at Stacktical. Co-creator of the DSLA Network.

DSLA Listing Roadmap

DSLA Listing Roadmap

When new exchange ?

🎉 Edit: We have officially left P2PB2B for STEX.
🎉 Edit: DSLA is now available on CoinMarketCap.

As an early stage business-to-business initiative, with a legitimate use of blockchain and decentralized ledger technologies, the Stacktical Platform has definitely room for adoption. And we’re well aware that we have a lot to learn to achieve our goals as a company.

6 months after our initial appearance on the P2PB2B cryptocurrency exchange, the trading activity of the DSLA token have yet to meet the expectations of our community stakeholders. While this first listing put our company on the cryptocurrency map, and was undoubtedly an important step in the right direction, DSLA needs to be more liquid to fulfill its mission as the utility token of the DSLA Protocol, and empower reward, compensation and staking scenarios on the Platform.

Thankfully, and with the help of our community, we have been exploring several new listing opportunities with this liquidity objective in mind. The result of this effort is a series of regulatory-compliant DSLA listing milestones, that closely follow the development maturity of the collection of smart contracts empowering Stacktical.

Phase  Description  ETA DSLA Protocol Network Maturity Status Exchange
0 Token Generation Event Q3 2018 Genesis of the DSLA Protocol Done  N/A
1 Initial Listing Q3 2019 Alpha available on the Ethereum Test Network Done P2PB2B
2 Bridge 1 Q1 2020 Beta available on the Ethereum Test Network Done STEX
3 Bridge 2 Q2 2020 Release Candidate available on the Ethereum Main Network In progress In progress
4 Major Listing Q4 2020 Release on the Ethereum Main Network TBA TBA

As you can see, in the short term, we will partner with a new mid-tier exchange in Q1 2020, as we’ll be moving to the Beta phase of the DSLA Protocol and DSLA Network. But our end goal is to list DSLA on a major exchange when, and only when, the Stacktical Platform is ready to demonstrate its full potential.

Network Maturity Description DSLA Protocol Token Integration
Genesis DSLA Protocol smart contracts are not available yet. No DSLA
Alpha DSLA Protocol smart contracts are privately available on the testnet. Test DSLA tokens
Beta DSLA Protocol smart contracts are publicly available on the testnet. Test DSLA tokens
Release Candidate DSLA Protocol smart contracts are publicly available on the mainnet, in limited mode. Real DSLA tokens
Release DSLA Protocol smart contracts are publicly available on the mainnet, without limitation. Real DSLA tokens

At maximum Network Maturity, real DSLA tokens are used by the protocol to empower production applications.

While we originally planned for a major listing in December, there is simply too much blood in the streets, and too little fundamentals, to support this decision at this time. With an intermediary listing and increased liquidity, DSLA will also have a greater chance to meet CoinMarketCap’s listing requirements, and dramatically expand the global reach of the Stacktical project.

The DSLA token is currently being tracked by the following websites:

Coin Tracker  Link
(NEW) CoinMarketCap Here
CoinGecko Here
Coinpaprika Here
Nomics Here

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