We burned 20,511,384.00 DSLA yesterday πŸ”₯

DSLA Core Team
Written by DSLA Core Team
We burned 20,511,384.00 DSLA yesterday πŸ”₯

Edition #2 was a success

Dear community, as DSLA Protocol lays the groundwork for scaling, we’re pleased to announce that we have successfully proceeded with the burn of 20,511,384 DSLA tokens during our Bonfire Burn Event #2. πŸ”₯

As noted in the Bonfire Burn Event #1 report, the Bonfire Burn Event #2 and all future events will focus on protocol-driven token burns, and sharing proper usage analytics that the team will use to drive quarterly goals and decisions.

Nonetheless, the DSLA Protocol core development made sure to double down on its commitment to the fair distribution of DSLA with a surprise buyback and burn of 50 ETH worth of DSLA tokens, approximately 200K USD at the time of burn.

Overall, for the Bonfire Burn Event #2, we had a Protocol burn of 420,000 DSLA tokens and a surprise buyback and burn of 20,091,384 DSLA tokens for a total of 20,511,384 DSLA tokens burned.

With the recent roll out of stablecoin and native currency support by the DSLA Protocol core team, the stage is set for DSLA to work on our usage analytics and grow to the next level.

Edition #2 Proof of Burns

20,511,384.00 DSLA ERC20 tokens were burned on Oct 22 2021, through three separate transactions:

Protocol Burn

Buyback & Burn

Edition #2 Analytics

SLA Contracts

Network Active SLA Contracts
Polygon 1
Harmony 29
Avalanche 1
Fantom 4
Binance Smart Chain 1

To Be Burned (TBB)

Network Verifications To Be Burned (TBB)
Polygon 1 10,000 DSLA
Harmony 35 350,000.00 DSLA
Avalanche 1 10,000.00 DSLA
Fantom 4 40,000.00 DSLA
Binance Smart Chain 1 10,000.00 DSLA
TOTAL 42 420,000.00 DSLA

Edition #2 Impact

The DSLA Bonfire Burn Event #2 results in a reduction of the DSLA total supply to 5,810,793,023.00 DSLA.

Edition #3 Date

πŸ”₯ DSLA Bonfire Burn Event #3
πŸ—“ Friday, January 21, 2022

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Bonfire Application

During the incenvitized beta test of the DSLA Protocol, the β€œBonfire” designated the social space of the DSLA.Network flagship application. It’s a feature we imagine could bring our community members together around the key metrics of the DSLA family of products.

Our core team is working on bringing a Bonfire Ðapp to life to achieve this very goal! More information about this new initiative soon!

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Protocol is a turnkey, peer-to-peer risk management infrastructure for developers and their communities, that empowers anyone to manage their exposure to the performance failures of application, network and service, using peer-to-peer service level agreements.

DSLA Protocol’s flagship use case is to optimize your staking rewards, by enabling you to hedge against the bad performance of your staking services.

Made in France, by Stacktical.

To learn more about DSLA Protocol and the future of third party risk management (TPRM), please visit stacktical.com, browse our blog, and follow @stacktical on Twitter.

DSLA Core Team

DSLA Core Team

The team behind DSLA Protocol, and the DSLA family of products.