Phase 5 is Here

DSLA Core Team
Written by DSLA Core Team
Phase 5 is Here

⚡️ Codename AMP

Dear DSLA champions, on November 11 12:00am (UTC), we have entered Phase V of the DSLA incentivized beta, Codename AMP.


  • All DSLA Contracts started a new weekly monitoring cycle.
  • Phase IV staking compensations / rewards can be proven.
  • Phase IV staking compensations / rewards will be claimable soon.

Phase Timestamps:

1605052800 (start)

1605657600 (end)

Access the Ðapp at to get started now!

🏆 Phase IV Report

Thank you for your participating in the Phase IV of the DSLA incentivized beta!

DSLA core developers are humbled by the response of the community 🙏 :

🔥 More than 10M bDSLA tokens staked

🔥 More than 15 DSLA contracts created

📕 Beta Guide

Please refer to the official DSLA Incentivized Beta Guide to learn more about bDSLA Phase II 🌱Staking and 🌿Claiming features, and for continuous information about Phase I-V.

💡 Feature Spotlight

#1 New Networks

Validators, Vouchers and Delegators will be able to reduce their exposure to the staking risks of more networks such as Polkadot.

#2 New Validators

Staking Rewards’ Top 25 Validators will be available in the DSLA Contract creation workflow.

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Token, now on Argent wallet

DSLA Protocol is a risk management framework that enables infrastructure operators and developers to reduce their users exposure to service delays, interruptions and financial losses, using self-executing service level agreements, bonus-malus insurance policies, and crowdfunded liquidity pools.

DSLA Protocol’s flagship use case is to offset the financial losses of Proof-of-Stake delegators and DeFi users, while incentivizing the connectivity, performance and availability of staking pool operators and DeFi service providers.

To learn more about DSLA Protocol, please visit, browse our official blog, and follow @stacktical on Twitter.

DSLA Core Team

DSLA Core Team

The team behind DSLA Protocol, and the DSLA family of products.