DSLA Core Team
DSLA Core Team
The team behind DSLA Protocol, and the DSLA family of products.

Phase 5 is Here

Phase 5 is Here

⚡️ Codename AMP

Dear DSLA champions, on November 11 12:00am (UTC), we have entered Phase V of the DSLA incentivized beta, Codename AMP.


  • All DSLA Contracts started a new weekly monitoring cycle.
  • Phase IV staking compensations / rewards can be proven.
  • Phase IV staking compensations / rewards will be claimable soon.

Phase Timestamps:

1605052800 (start)

1605657600 (end)

Access the Ðapp at DSLA.network to get started now!

🏆 Phase IV Report

Thank you for your participating in the Phase IV of the DSLA incentivized beta!

DSLA core developers are humbled by the response of the community 🙏 :

🔥 More than 10M bDSLA tokens staked

🔥 More than 15 DSLA contracts created

📕 Beta Guide

Please refer to the official DSLA Incentivized Beta Guide to learn more about bDSLA Phase II 🌱Staking and 🌿Claiming features, and for continuous information about Phase I-V.

💡 Feature Spotlight

#1 New Networks

Validators, Vouchers and Delegators will be able to reduce their exposure to the staking risks of more networks such as Polkadot.

#2 New Validators

Staking Rewards’ Top 25 Validators will be available in the DSLA Contract creation workflow.

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Network, the flagship application of DSLA Protocol, a risk management protocol for developers

DSLA is a risk management protocol for developers, to build applications and operate infrastructures that are natively capable of financially protecting users against failures.

It enables anyone to vouch for the reliability of a service, get paid when the service performs as expected, or get compensated when the service does not meet expectations.

⚡️ https://stacktical.com

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