DSLA Core Team
DSLA Core Team
The team behind DSLA Protocol, and the DSLA family of products.

Phase 2 is Here

Phase 2 is Here

🎹 Codename PIANO

Dear DSLA champions, on October 21 12:00am (UTC), we have entered Phase II of the DSLA incentivized beta, Codename PIANO.


  • All DSLA Contracts started a new weekly monitoring cycle.
  • Phase I staking compensations / rewards can be proven.
  • Phase I staking compensations / rewards will be claimable soon.

Phase Timestamps:

1603238400 (start)

1603843200 (end)

Access the Ðapp at DSLA.network to get started now!

🏆 Phase I Report

Thank you for your participating in the Phase I of the DSLA incentivized beta!

DSLA core developers are humbled by the response of the community 🙏 :

🔥 More than 100 bDSLA token transfers

🔥 More than 60M bDSLA tokens staked

🔥 More than 25 DSLA contracts created

Most excellent, Champions!

Let’s keep the fire burning during Phase II and beyond.

📕 Beta Guide

Please refer to the official DSLA Incentivized Beta Guide to learn more about bDSLA Phase II 🌱Staking and 🌿Claiming features, and for continuous information about Phase I-V.

💡 Feature Spotlight

EDIT 2020/10/29: Previous Items #2 and #3 of Phase II have moved to Phase III.

#1 Ability to withdraw bDSLA stakes

Delegators, Validators and their Vouchers will be able to withdraw the bDSLA tokens they staked to DSLA Contracts, minus the rewards and compensations they might have paid at the end of Phase I.

#2 Better tracking of stakes

During Phase I it was not easy to keep track of the agreements you staked to.

The MY AGREEMENTS section only displays created DSLA Contracts, which somehow helped Validators keep track of the liquidity they added to their own contracts. But as a a Delegator, you had no direct access to your active hedges.

Accordingly, we will:

  • Open up the HEDGEsection to keep track of active hedges against staking risks as a Delegator;

  • Open up the POOL section to keep track of active compensation pool deposits;

  • Display both active hedges and active compensation pool deposits in the MY AGREEMENTS section.

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Network, the flagship application of DSLA Protocol, a risk management protocol for developers

DSLA is a risk management protocol for developers, to build applications and operate infrastructures that are natively capable of financially protecting users against failures.

It enables anyone to vouch for the reliability of a service, get paid when the service performs as expected, or get compensated when the service does not meet expectations.

⚡️ https://stacktical.com

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