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In the thriving world of DevOps, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the daily, daunting amount of new services to try and new techniques to learn. Having a proper content discovery routine is the first step to a distraction-less day of productive work, and a focused execution against the vision of Stacktical.

Among others, the DevOpsLinks newsletter is at the center of our technology watch and competitive intelligence strategy. Aymen does all the heavy lifting of curating state of the art articles, ranging from introduction to hot concepts like Microservices or Machine Learning to high-level tutorials, through experts interviews and book recommendations. In fact, he even recently launched Books for DevOps, the Product Hunt of DevOps books which we are also very excited about!

Sent every sunday, the newsletter is perfectly timed for a monday morning soft work session, and provides you with great knowledge to crunch and design your weekly internal editorials and workshops around.

If you don’t know about DevOpsLinks, definitely consider signing up now, you won’t regret it.

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