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Harmony (ONE) Validator Spotlight: P-OPS

Harmony (ONE) Validator Spotlight: P-OPS

Welcome to the DSLA Beta, P-OPS!

During the DSLA Incentivized Beta Test, Harmony (ONE) Validators will earn rewards for protecting the staking deposits of their Delegators with DSLA contracts.

👉 Read the full announcement here.

Meet P-OPS ~ Pangaea Operations

Dear DSLA Champions, we are proud to announce that P-OPS will participate in the DSLA Incentivized Beta Test, as a Harmony (ONE) Validator !

✍️ P-OPS will roll out a ONE Staking Efficiency DSLA contract, and stake at least 1M bDSLA tokens to the contract pool.

☔️ Active Delegators will be able to cover up to 100% of P-OPS Staking Efficiency drops.

POPS DSLA Contract - Harmony (ONE) Validator

DSLA core developers thank P-OPS for enabling us to pursue our journey to the mainnet, and are looking forward to working together on improving the delegation experience of their community!

Get Involved, Earn Rewards!

The purpose of the DSLA incentivized beta is to validate the functional, performance, reliability and security assumptions of DSLA Protocol and, its flagship Ðapp.

There are many ways to get involved, and earn rewards during the beta.

As a Delegator

First and foremost, beta participants must fill in the Beta Phase 0 Application Form.

Make sure you share your ETH and ONE wallet addresses, as these will be used to allocate your DSLA rewards, after the DSLA Protocol mainnet launches later this year.

After that, it’s a 3 step process:

☝️ Stake your ONE tokens with P-OPS;

✌️ Be an Active Delegator during the DSLA beta;

🤟 Hedge risks by staking bDSLA tokens to a ONE Staking Efficiency DSLA Contract.

As a Delegator, an active DSLA Contract entitles you to a bDSLA token compensation if P-OPS doesn’t meet your pre-agreed Staking Efficiency thresholds.

As a Voucher

✚ Create a DSLA contract to protect the deposits of P-OPS’s Active Delegators.

As a Voucher, an active DSLA Contract entitles you to a bDSLA token reward if P-OPS meets or exceeds the defined Staking Efficiency thresholds.

Official Beta Guide

For more information about the DSLA Incentivized Beta Test, go to the official guide at

About P-OPS

We are P-OPS ~ Pangaea Operations. A group of 8 highly qualified IT/Technology enthusiasts, located across the globe, who have tested and debugged Harmony Blockchain for over a year, and mentored numerous participants during Pangaea Phase 1/2/3. Harmony community relies on us to troubleshoot their nodes.

About Harmony Protocol (ONE)

Harmony is a fast and open blockchain for decentralized applications. Through secure and random state sharding, the Harmony Mainnet supports thousands of nodes that produce blocks in a few seconds with instant finality. The protocol’s Effective Proof-of-Stake (EPoS) staking mechanism reduces centralization while supporting stake delegation, reward compounding and double-sign slashing.

About DSLA Protocol

DSLA Protocol is a decentralized alternative to service level agreements, contracts that reduce your exposure to delays and disruptions, when using a service.

It enables anyone to vouch for the reliability of a service, earn rewards when the service performs as expected, and claim financial compensation when the service doesn’t meet expectations.

💡 For more information about DSLA Protocol and the DSLA family of products, please go to

DSLA Token: Now available on Argent

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