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Hi, My name is Wilhem and I’m the CEO of Stacktical, the scalability prediction platform.

For the past two and a half years, we’ve worked with hundred of performance engineers around the world on a way to accelerate load tests and automate the interpretation of results so they can finally keep up with the speed of agile developments.

I’m reaching out to see if you’d be interested in joining our community, and help us take Stacktical a step further.

The second phase of our journey

Since 2016, feedback after feedback, Stacktical has evolved into a predictive performance regression testing solution that fits in high velocity CI/CD pipelines and prevent untested release candidates from breaking their production system. Whenever a RC needs to be validated, it can now undergo a quick 15mn load test that Stacktical will use to quantify your peak concurrency, peak throughput and scalability bottlenecks (serialization and synchronisation penalties).

Overall, Stacktical as we know it is an effortless way to answer the following questions:

  • How many live users can my system handle?
  • How many transactions per second?
  • How much execution time is serial?
  • How much execution time is dedicated to synchronising processes?

But we’re still far from where our platform needs to be in to bring maximum value to our customers and their users.

Here’s how you could help us build Stacktical RC II:

The first 100 friends to follow these steps will win a lifetime Pro Stacktical license of RC II when it ships, courtesy of our team!


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But will it scale?

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